David C. Kolbe for Indiana House Rep - District 22

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Polarization and partisanship are rapidly taking over our politics and spreading into our personal lives. It is evident not only in political parties, but also in how people relate to one another. At base, as near as I can tell, the dominant themes are fear and, its derivative, anger. Each side sees the other as bad and in the area of governance, we see ideological wars instead of a focus on making decisions which are in the best interests of the group.

I propose a third way. I propose to take to heart the concerns of conservatives and conservative people of faith who see our country on a dangerous path. I also will consider the young people and progressives who see the world differently in so many ways. There are authentic people of faith here as well who see the conservatives as out of touch with the world as it is.

I propose that if I obtain the job as our legislator I will not be driven by partisan ideology. I will seek the middle way, the way of compromise and problem-solving , with an aim toward bridging the gap between the old and the new. I will seek the best interests of all the people and I will work with Republicans and Independents.

I am a New Democrat. I hope you will support the third way.

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